The Bread & Roses gardens feature accessible raised vegetable beds and beautifully landscaped ornamental plantings around our church building. These gardens serve as a demonstration tool to show people how to raise their own fresh produce and grow their own beauty, even in limited urban space.  The vegetables provide tasty ingredients for our community meals and classes, and we share the surplus with local soup kitchens and community groups. Join us for a garden gathering to share skills and get your hands dirty, or contact us to bring a group to visit the garden for a tour or program.


Garden BasicsGarden Basics Classes

In 2017 we are excited to be hosting another season of community gardening classes taught by the Piedmont Master Gardeners.  These classes are FREE and designed to get new gardeners oriented quickly to important tasks (and botanical rewards!) for each season in the gardening calendar.  Some classes cover vegetable gardening while others focus on flowers and shrubs.

Please check the calendar to find dates for the 2017 classes!

Bill gardening

Garden Gatherings

During the growing season we meet in the gardens regularly.  We share skills, pull weeds, catch up on the week, relax, and enjoy being outside with our hands in the soil.  You are welcome to join us, whether you’re a new or experienced gardener.  Bad backs and bad knees are totally fine–our beds are accessible and there is a task for every interest, plus gardening gloves in all sizes!  Please contact us if you have questions, or would like to be added to our weekly gardening updates email.  For the 2017 season we are meeting in the garden every Thursday from 6-7pm. Garden snacks and cool drinks are always available!


MobiSally at IRCle Garden Activities

Sometimes gardeners have to get out on the town!

In 2015, Bread & Roses brought some fun, kid-friendly garden activities to International Rescue Committee New Roots Farmers Market, Michie Market.  The picture above come from our “Pollination Station” where kids decorated their own butterfly and bee wings, then acted out the steps in pollinating flowers-complete with tasting some sweet juice “nectar”!

If your organization would like to have gardening activities at your site, whether for kids or adults, please send us an email to learn more.


Sunday Morning Harvest andgarden market Pop-Up Market

On occasional Sunday mornings we have a pop-up market in the parish hall after the 10:30 service so you can get some fresh produce for the week ahead!  Surplus goes to local soup kitchens and partner organizations.